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Softened Bees Wax – Super Soft

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Scottie 1One of the most important materials for the fly tyer is tying wax that allows you to prepare your thread for tying some of the classic patterns.

There is no dispute that natural beeswax is the best product for the job.  But at room temperature bees wax is often very hard and requires warming before it can be used.

Some products using bees wax as a base have additives that can over time make the wax go crystalline and difficult to use.

Scottie Softened Bees Wax has a natural additive that makes the wax soft at room temperature making it easy to use and allows thread to be waxed easily and quickly while tying.

There are two grades of Softened Bees Wax, the super soft is tacky at room temperature and allows a heavier coating of wax to be applied or can be used in colder conditions – the standard recipe is softened to allow easy working at room temperature,


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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 cm

Standard, Super Soft

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