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Fine Super UV Dubbing

£1.80 (inc VAT at 20%)

SKU: 394 Categories: , Brand: Sybai


This is a fine diameter, Flashabou textured synthetic dubbing.

It can be mixed with other dubbing materials to add a subtle UV content to your flies or can be used straight from the pack to add a got spot.

Fine Super UV is perfect for speedy formation of shiny saltwater, streamer, nymph and wet flies bodies.

The material gives flies a UV glow.

Supplied in 1gram packs.

Additional information

Weight .003 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 cm
Fine UV Colours

Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Fiery Brown, Light Brown, Rust, Dark Olive, Dark Green, Olive, Light Green, Chartreuse, Ligt Violet, Green, Aquamarine, Bright Pink, Salmon Pink, Yellow Cinnamon, Yellow Orange, Hot Orange, Bright Yellow, Ultra Violet, Tan, Fluo Blue

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